About me!

Salutations there!

Names Teri Utkowska am currently 21 years old, go by he/him. Graduated from Rotterdam grafisch lyceum and I am a character designer from The Netherlands! I offer some innovative and interesting concepts for characters whether they are for stories, games or shows.

From an early age, I have closely followed the work of my favorite artists and game publishers. I learned their techniques for color, composition, and editing. Since then I have developed my own personal style and am able to put a unique spin on every project I work on.

When I have some free-time i'd be working further on my own original characters and their stories that I making for many years now, i'm very passionate in telling a story with a life lesson attached to it. Drag the viewer in a whole new universe right in front of their eyes. My ultimate dream or goal is to see everyone loving my characters as much as i love them, even the smallest support will drive me further.

Further than that I have a lot of interest such as crystals so much so even that I started collecting them more so that with each crystal I owned I would make it to a character! More can be seen in my portfolio but if your more curious about the collection itself then you are welcome to check my collection page! 

^ That's me!