Crystalverse exists out of beings created from crystals, each crystal has its own meaning and purpose that they have to fulfill.

The start of their life is set by the hands of opal the crystal of gods, itself has chosen the crystals to give life to. If opal awoken big and powerful crystals he would give them a certain tier depending on the crystals power and uses.

The first tier:  Are opals appreciates and or trust worthy underlings

These are both powerful and very useful crystals and with this tier they are one of the most important figures to obey to.

The second tier:  Are the bosses/leaders.

These are the leaders of the recruits that are given tasks by the first tiers. So far only three leaders are present with each having their own group of recruits.

The third tier:  Are the recruits. 

this is the lowest tier a crystal could obtain yet it doesn’t necessarily mean they are weak or useless. Some in this tier could be as powerful as the second tier yet have a different purposes to fulfill making them not as important to be a higher rank or are far too busy to hold up to that tier.

No tier:  These are crystal seen as not useful for any of the said tiers or leaders.

The first tiers are extremely demanding with their tasks and they allow you only one delay before calling you defective, and once a higher rank calls a lower rank defective a judge would come to inspect the situation and decide which rank was at the wrong. 

In case the higher rank was approved about a crystal being defective by them not fulfilling their task the judge will discontinue the said crystal and remove them from the tier and put them in a coma to make sure no failures happen again.

Their appearances

All of the beings majority consist out of a human like appearance yet some could have animalistic or miscellaneous traits, what they do have similar are their colors they share from their crystal.

As for their organic form they don’t have any organs, they only possess consciousness and a body yet their insides exist out of the crystal they are representing. Their bodies are so strong that no weapon can damage them only the weapon or the strength of another crystal can hurt or even kill them.


If a crystal is damaged it can be easily repaired by performing kintsugi with a healing crystal. Although these beings don’t die they can only be set to a coma by cutting off their heads and disconnecting their consciousness.

Besides that each crystal has its own weapon or power they posses naturally. Some mimic weapons in fit for their purpose and some are weapons for their specific fighting style they use

While both celestial and spiritual creatures,

these crystal beings order is to assist in the evolution of human kind.