* This universe/project has gone through though patches and is just now recently coming back to life after a year or two break so a lot of information/lore is still missing but this page will be constantly be updated so be sure to be on the lookout!

Long long ago the god of constellations was peacefully working on his crafts as he noticed some of the stars twinkle and move out of place, he then found out that all constellations of the twelve zodiacs broke down! All of them are out of place or some parts of the stars are missing. 

Those missing stars have fallen to earth while the constellations themselves got distorted and now its said that those bits of the zodiacs have now been inhabiting the chosen humans that the stars fell upon. But the god is searching for those lost bits.

The chosen people who have the power of the zodiac on them said to have inhuman strength, inhuman appearances and overall have something in them that sets them apart from the crowd. they themselves don't know or understand why but see it as a gift from their parents and move on with their lives.

Follow their tale as these humans live their normal life going trough their own obstacles and life paths, most of the story is based in their college life as they are thinking more about themselves and their future. Developing themselves as a better them.

A lot of adventure and stories happen with them and more people get introduced half way, who knows maybe there are some gods of the zodiacs who want to see them personally and build them to someone else?

Will they listen to them or will they stay on their own path?

Find more about who you are and who you want to be, follow your zodiac and their story in their life. 

Find your zodiac.

Anse schmidt

Aries -  21 yo - German

Fire - Cardinal - Mars

Oscar Leito

Taurus - 24 yo - Curaçaoan

Earth - Fixed - Venus

Sebastian Gray

Gemini - 20 yo - American

Air - Mutable - Mercury

Célimine Lykaios

Cancer - 19 yo - Greek

Water - Cardinal - Moon

Gennadius Lìos

Leo - 22 yo - Scottish

Fire - Fixed - Sun

Raphael Marino

Virgo - 23 yo - Italian

Earth - Mutable - Mercury

Eleanor Auclair

Libra - 20 yo - French

Air - Cardinal - Venus

Nero serrano

Scorpio - 22 yo - Spanish

Water - Fixed - Pluto

Ivan Sokolov

Sagittarius - 23 yo - Russian

Fire - Mutable - Jupiter

Beherit Griffiths

Capricorn - 24 yo - British

Earth - Cardinal - Saturn

Ji Pung

Aquarius - 19 yo - South Korean

Air - Fixed - Uranus

Manami Yoshikawa

Pisces - 18 yo - Japanese

Water - Mutable - Neptune