Located in Kol'tsovo Novosibirsky District of Oblast an intergalactic and rehabilitation research organization established in 1902 by Stanislav Morozov named Cybertectia. To serve as the research lab for space exploration research and fund a development team for future technology that could serve as prosthetics for the needed.

However the real hidden goal of the organization is much more darker and it’s all due to their power driven CEO that continues to get funding and help from the Russian government as by their request he would create powerful bio-weapons for future uses or sell them, they currently have their newly developed viruses that correct the human body to make it “superior and immortal” their way of saying “cyborgs” or “super soldiers.” 

The organization gets further support from the government as they make sure no leak to the public or press happens to avoid panic and tension across the globe.

The viruses are experimented on different hosts and victims as they are lied to believe they are being helped or cured of their problems. Most of the “experimental rats” are held captive against their wil with the family having no knowledge into what’s happening to them or are told that they are in an extensive medical care facility and are in need of recovery with no visitations allowed. Some of the host/ that are experimented on are said to be non-human themselves, proven that the facility already knows more about space than what they say to the public. 


The viruses however seem to only be compatible with certain body types or certain genes/chromosomes making the CEO even more obsessed over the idea of “a superior race” as the chosen ones live as the all powerfully immortal “next gen humans” while the incompatible die or are left to be forgotten.

-- File CASE 000 - '' PATIENT Z E R O ''--

Dr. Signý Eirson succeeded in creating the Zero virus at the Cybertecia Facility in Kol'tsovo Novosibirsky District of Oblast on August 10th 1980 through the combination of the S-Brutus virus with the DNA of Phoneutria. By combining the two the virus started to become rapidly more aggressive than the previous original virus, while in its host body the virus is also seen constantly becoming more infectious. Constantly evolving on itself.


The first infected with the virus become the carrier (also nicknamed king/queen)  the said ruler of the “ hive mind “ of all those that will follow after being infected, once the host gets infected the host will experience light headedness followed by intense sharping pain that goes trough their entire body as its starts mutating rapidly. 

The worst case of the infection is if the body itself is not compatible with the virus, it’s response then will be to mutate to its desired form. First the rib cage expand to imitate the legs of a Phoneutria, at that point their own bod, consciousness don’t belong to them anymore yet are fully controlled by the carrier (king/queen) or lost into madness if a carrier doesn’t exist yet, then the pink glowing liquid starts to leak out at any open surface from the body to spread the virus even more to those near by, the fluid will become airborne in the next half hour if the target is not eliminated.

If you encounter an airborne infected you must be fully sealed covered by every inch to avoid contamination, only mask with full sealing and filter are allowed for such short encounter. 


It is documented that the current and only carrier of said virus is Dr. Signý Eirson as to by his attack against the facility on august 12th 1980 he proceeded to inject himself with the only sample of the Zero virus as a protest against our ideals, he has then been neutralized and operated to a fully robotic body that still hosts the virus in its full capacity while not killing the original host or now the carrier. 

Dr. Signý Eirson was originally not compatible with the virus as shown by the rapid mutation but is now currently stable under the new prosthetics.

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